Orange Is the New Black (2013) Orange Is the New Black (2013)

TV Series 2013

Comedy | Crime | Drama

Piper Chapman is a public relations executive with a career and a fiance when her past suddenly catches up to her. In her mid-30s she is sentenced to spend time in a minimum-security women's prison in Connecticut for her association with a drug runner 10 years earlier. This Netflix original series is based on the book of the same title. Forced to trade power suits for prison orange, Chapman makes her way through the corrections system and adjusts to life behind bars, making friends with the many eccentric, unusual and unexpected people she meets.


Season 1 (2013) Top ▲

1x01 I Wasn't Ready
1x02 Tit Punch
1x03 Lesbian Request DeniedHD
1x04 Blood Donut
1x05 The ChickeningHD
1x06 WAC PackHD
1x07 Prison Inmate CoreHD
1x08 Moscow MuleHD
1x09 FucksgivingHD
1x10 Bora Bora BoraHD
1x11 Tall Men with Feelings
1x12 Fool Me OnceHD
1x13 Can't Fix CrazyHD

Season 2 (2014) Top ▲

2x01 Thirsty Bird
2x02 Looks Blue, Tastes RedHD
2x03 Hugs Can Be DeceivingHD
2x04 A Whole Other HoleHD
2x05 Low Self Esteem CityHD
2x06 You also Have a PizzaHD
2x07 Comic SansHD
2x08 Appropriately Sized Pots
2x09 40 OZ of FurloughHD
2x10 Little Mustachioed ShitHD
2x11 Take a Break from Your ValuesHD
2x12 It Was the ChangeHD
2x13 We Have Manners. We're Polite.HD

Season 3 (2015) Top ▲

3x01 Episode #3.1HD
3x02 Bed Bugs and BeyondHD
3x03 Empathy Is a Boner KillerHD
3x04 Finger in the DykeHD
3x05 Fake It Till You Fake It Some MoreHD
3x06 Ching Chong ChangHD
3x07 Tongue-TiedHD
3x08 Fear, and Other SmellsHD
3x09 Where My Dreidel AtHD
3x10 A Tittin' and a Hairin'HD
3x11 We Can Be HeroesHD
3x12 Don't Make Me Come Back There
3x13 Trust No BitchHD

Season 4 (2016) Top ▲

4x01 Episode #4.1HD
4x02 Power SuitHD
4x03 Don't Say AnythingHD
4x04 Doctor PsychoHD
4x05 We'll Always Have BaltimoreHD
4x06 Piece of Sh*tHD
4x07 It Sounded Nicer in My HeadHD
4x08 Friends in Low PlacesHD
4x09 Turn Table TurnHD
4x10 Bunny, Skull, Bunny, SkullHD
4x11 People PersonsHD
4x12 The Animals
4x13 Toast Can't Never Be BreadHD

Season 5 (2017) Top ▲

5x01 Riot FOMOHD
5x02 F*ck, Marry, FriedaHD
5x03 Pissters!HD
5x04 Litchfield's Got TalentHD
5x05 Sing It, White EffieHD
5x06 Flaming Hot Cheetos, Literally
5x07 Full Bush, Half SnickersHD
5x08 Tied to the Tracks
5x09 The TighteningHD
5x10 The Reverse Midas TouchHD
5x11 Breaking the Fiberboard CeilingHD
5x12 Tattoo YouHD
5x13 Storm-y WeatherHD

Season 6 (2018) Top ▲

6x01 Who Knows Better Than I
6x02 Sh*tstorm Coming
6x03 Look Out for Number One
6x04 I'm the Talking Ass
6x05 Mischief Mischief
6x06 State of the UterusHD
6x07 Changing WindsHD
6x08 GordonsHD
6x09 Break the String
6x10 Chocolate Chip NookieHD
6x11 Well This Took a Dark TurnHD
6x12 Double TroubleHD
6x13 Be FreeHD

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