The King of Queens (1998) The King of Queens (1998)

TV series 1998-2007


Delivery man Doug Heffernan has a good life: He's got a pretty wife (Carrie), a big TV and friends to watch it with. Then Carrie's goofy and annoying father Arthur moves in with them.


Season 1 (1998) Top ▲

1x01 PilotHD
1x02 Fat CityHD
1x03 Cello, GoodbyeHD
1x04 Richie's SongHD
1x05 Paternal AffairsHD
1x06 Head FirstHD
1x07 The RockHD
1x08 Educating DougHD
1x09 Road RaygeHD
1x10 Supermarket StoryHD
1x11 Noel CowardsHD
1x12 Fixer UpperHD
1x13 Best ManHD
1x14 Dog DaysHD
1x15 Crappy Birthday
1x16 S'ain't Valentine'sHD
1x17 Court DateHD
1x18 White CollarHD
1x19 Rayny DayHD
1x20 Train WreckHD
1x21 Hungry ManHD
1x22 Time ShareHD
1x23 Where's PoppaHD
1x24 Art HouseHD
1x25 Maybe BabyHD

Season 2 (1999) Top ▲

2x01 Queasy Rider
2x02 Female Problems
2x03 Assaulted Nuts
2x04 Parent Trapped
2x05 Tube Steaks
2x06 Doug Out
2x07 Get Away
2x08 Dire Strayts
2x09 I, Candy
2x10 Roamin' Holiday
2x11 Sparing Carrie
2x12 Net Prophets
2x13 Party Favor
2x14 Block Buster
2x15 Frozen Pop
2x16 Fair Game
2x17 Meet By-Product
2x18 The Shmenkmans
2x19 Surprise Artie
2x20 Wild Cards
2x21 Big Dougie
2x22 Soft Touch
2x23 Restaurant Row
2x24 Flower Power
2x25 Whine Country

Season 3 (2000) Top ▲

3x01 Do Rico
3x02 Roast Chicken
3x03 Fatty McButterpants
3x04 Class Struggle
3x05 Strike One
3x06 Strike Too
3x07 Strike Out
3x08 Dark Meet
3x09 Twisted Sitters
3x10 Work Related
3x11 Better Camera
3x12 Wedding Presence
3x13 Hi-Def Jam
3x14 Paint Misbehavin'
3x15 Deacon Blues
3x16 Horizontal Hold
3x17 Inner Tube
3x18 Papa Pill
3x19 Package Deal
3x20 Separation Anxiety
3x21 Departure Time
3x22 Swim Neighbors
3x23 S'no Job
3x24 Pregnant Pause: Part 1

Season 4 (2001) Top ▲

4x01 Walk, Man
4x02 Sight Gag
4x03 Mean Streak
4x04 Friender Bender
4x05 No Retreat
4x06 Ticker Treat
4x07 Lyin' Hearted
4x08 Life Sentence
4x09 Veiled Threat
4x10 Oxy Moron
4x11 Depo Man
4x12 Ovary Action
4x13 Food Fight
4x14 Double Downer
4x15 Dougie Nights
4x16 No Orleans
4x17 Missing Links
4x18 Hero Worship
4x19 Screwed Driver
4x20 Lush Life
4x21 Bun Dummy
4x22 Patrons Ain't
4x23 Eddie Money
4x24 Two Thirty
4x25 Shrink Wrap

Season 5 (2002) Top ▲

5x01 Arthur, Spooner
5x02 Window Pained
5x03 Holy Mackerel
5x04 Kirbed Enthusiasm
5x05 Mammary Lane
5x06 Business Affairs
5x07 Flame Resistant
5x08 Flash Photography
5x09 Connect Four
5x10 Loaner Car
5x11 Mentalo Case
5x12 Jung Frankenstein
5x13 Attention Deficit
5x14 Prints Charming
5x15 Animal Attraction
5x16 Golden Moldy
5x17 S'Poor House
5x18 Steve Moscow
5x19 Cowardly Lyin'
5x20 Driving Reign
5x21 Clothes Encounter
5x22 Queens'bro Bridge
5x23 Dog Shelter
5x24 Taste Buds
5x25 Bed Spread

Season 6 (2003) Top ▲

6x01 Doug Less I
6x02 Doug Less II
6x03 King Pong
6x04 Dreading Vows
6x05 Nocturnal Omission
6x06 Affidavit Justice
6x07 Secret Garden
6x08 Eggsit Strategy
6x09 Thanks Man
6x10 American Idle
6x11 Santa Claustrophobia
6x12 Dougie Houser
6x13 Frigid Heirs
6x14 Switch Sitters
6x15 Cheap Saks
6x16 Damned Yanky
6x17 Multiple Plots
6x18 Trash Talker
6x19 Precedent Nixin'
6x20 Foe: Pa
6x21 Tank Heaven
6x22 Alter Ego
6x23 Icky Shuffle
6x24 Awful Bigamy

Season 7 (2004) Top ▲

7x01 Lost Vegas
7x02 Dugan Groupie
7x03 Furious Gorge
7x04 Entertainment Weakly
7x05 Name Dropper
7x06 Offtrack... Bedding
7x07 Silent Mite
7x08 Awed Couple
7x09 Cologne Ranger
7x10 Domestic Disturbance
7x11 Pour Judgment
7x12 Gym Neighbors
7x13 Gorilla Warfare
7x14 Hi, School
7x15 Deconstructing Carrie
7x16 Black List
7x17 Wish Boned
7x18 Van, Go
7x19 Ice Cubed
7x20 Catching Hell
7x21 Slippery Slope
7x22 Buy Curious

Season 8 (2005) Top ▲

8x01 Pole Lox
8x02 Vocal Discord
8x03 Consummate Professional
8x04 Like Hell
8x05 Sandwiched Out
8x06 Shear Torture
8x07 Inn Escapable
8x08 Move Doubt
8x09 G'Night Stalker
8x10 Raygin' Bulls
8x11 Baker's Doesn't
8x12 Fresh Brood
8x13 Gambling N' Diction
8x14 Apartment Complex
8x15 Buggie Nights
8x16 Knee Jerk
8x17 Present Tense
8x18 Sold-Y Locks
8x19 Emotional Rollercoaster
8x20 Four Play
8x21 Hartford Wailer
8x22 Fight Schlub
8x23 Acting Out

Season 9 (2006) Top ▲

9x01 Mama Cast
9x02 Affair Trade
9x03 Moxie Moron
9x04 Major Disturbance
9x05 Ruff Goin'
9x06 Brace Yourself
9x07 Home Cheapo
9x08 Offensive Fowl
9x09 Mild Bunch
9x10 Manhattan Project
9x11 Single Spaced
9x12 China Syndrome, Parts 1 and 2
9x13 The King of Queens

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