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Atlanta (2016) Atlanta (2016)

TV Series 2016


Two cousins, with different views on art versus commerce, on their way up through the Atlanta rap scene; "Earnest 'Earn' Marks," an ambitious college drop-out and his estranged cousin, who suddenly becomes a star.


Season 1 (2016) Top ▲

1x01 Episode #1.1HD
1x02 Episode #1.2HD
1x03 Go for BrokeHD
1x04 The Streisand EffectHD
1x05 Nobody Beats the BiebsHD
1x06 ValueHD
1x07 B.A.N.HD
1x08 The ClubHD
1x09 JuneteenthHD
1x10 The JacketHD


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