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Pair of Kings (2010) Pair of Kings (2010)

TV Series 2010


Teenage twins from Chicago discover they are heirs to the throne of an island nation.


Season 1 (2010) Top ▲

1x03 Beach Bully Bingo
1x04 A Mermaid's TailHD
1x05 Where the Wild Kings AreHD
1x06 Big Kings on CampusHD
1x07 The Brady HunchHD
1x08 Junga BallHD
1x09 Revenge of the MummyHD
1x10 Oh Brother, Where Arr Thou?HD
1x11 No Kings AllowedHD
1x12 Pair of JokersHD
1x13 Pair of Prom KingsHD
1x14 Tone Deaf JamHD
1x15 The Bite StuffHD
1x16 Brady Battles Boo-MerHD
1x17 The King and EyesHD
1x18 The King Beneath My WingsHD
1x19 Fight SchoolHD
1x20 The Trouble with DoublesHD

Season 2 (2011) Top ▲

2x02 Kings of Legend: Part TwoHD
2x03 Good King HuntingHD
2x05 Kings of ThievesHD
2x06 An Ice Girl for BoomerHD
2x07 Pair of Geniuses
2x08 HD
2x09 HD
2x10 HD
2x11 Big Mama WakaHD
2x12 HD
2x13 Pair of ClubsHD
2x14 The Cheat Life of Brady and BoomerHD
2x15 The Ex FactorHD
2x16 Pair of SantasHD
2x17 No Rhyme or Treason
2x18 Mr. Boogey ShoesHD
2x19 The Young and the RestlessHD
2x20 HD
2x21 Beach Party Maggot MassacreHD
2x23 Make Dirt, Not WarHD

Season 3 (2012) Top ▲

3x01 The New King, Part 1: Destiny's ChildHD
3x02 The New King, Part 2: The Bro-fessor and Mary AnnHD
3x03 Two Kings and a Devil BabyHD
3x04 Fatal DistractionHD
3x05 O LanadaHD
3x06 Kinkowan SummerHD
3x07 Heart and TrollHD
3x08 I Know What You Did Last SundayHD
3x09 Lord of the FriesHD
3x10 Dancing with the ScarsHD
3x11 I'm Gonna Git You, Sponge Sucka'HD
3x12 Bond of BrothersHD
3x13 King vs WildHD
3x14 Inconvenient ToothHD
3x15 The Oogli StickHD


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