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TV Series 2011

Drama | Fantasy | Horror | Sci-Fi

Not your usual suspects.


Season 1 (2011) Top ▲

1x01 Pilot
1x02 Bears Will Be Bears
1x03 BeeWare
1x04 Lonelyhearts
1x05 Danse Macabre
1x06 The Three Bad Wolves
1x07 Let Your Hair Down
1x08 Game Ogre
1x09 Of Mouse and Man
1x10 Organ Grinder
1x11 Tarantella
1x12 Last Grimm Standing
1x13 Three Coins in a Fuchsbau
1x14 Plumed Serpent
1x15 Island of Dreams
1x16 The Thing with Feathers
1x19 Leave It to Beavers
1x20 Happily Ever Aftermath

Season 2 (2012) Top ▲

2x01 Bad Teeth
2x02 The Kiss
2x03 Bad Moon Rising
2x04 Quill
2x06 Over My Dead BodyHD
2x07 The Bottle Imp
2x08 The Other SideHD
2x09 La Llorona
2x10 The Hour of DeathHD
2x11 To Protect and Serve ManHD
2x12 Season of the HexenbiestHD
2x13 Face Off
2x14 Natural Born Wesen
2x15 Mr. Sandman
2x17 One Angry Fuchsbau
2x18 Ring of Fire
2x20 Kiss of the Muse
2x21 The Waking DeadHD
2x22 Goodnight, Sweet Grimm

Season 3 (2013) Top ▲

3x01 The Ungrateful DeadHD
3x02 PTZD
3x03 A Dish Best Served Cold
3x04 One Night Stand
3x07 Cold Blooded
3x08 Twelve Days of Krampus
3x09 Red MenaceHD
3x10 Eyes of the Beholder
3x11 The Good Soldier
3x12 The Wild Hunt
3x13 RevelationHD
3x14 Mommy Dearest
3x15 Once We Were GodsHD
3x16 The Show Must Go On
3x17 Synchronicity
3x18 The Law of SacrificeHD
3x19 Nobody Knows the Trubel I've SeenHD
3x20 My Fair WesenHD
3x21 The InheritanceHD
3x22 Blond AmbitionHD

Season 4 (2014) Top ▲

4x01 Thanks for the MemoriesHD
4x02 Octopus HeadHD
4x03 Last FightHD
4x04 Dyin' on a PrayerHD
4x05 Cry LuisonHD
4x06 Highway of TearsHD
4x07 The Grimm Who Stole ChristmasHD
4x08 ChupacabraHD
4x09 WesenreinHD
4x10 Tribunal
4x11 Death Do Us PartHD
4x12 Maréchaussée
4x13 Trial by FireHD
4x14 Bad LuckHD
4x15 Double DateHD
4x16 HeartbreakerHD
4x17 HibernaculumHD
4x18 MishipeshuHD
4x19 Iron HansHD
4x20 You Don't Know JackHD
4x21 HeadacheHD
4x22 Cry HavocHD

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